How Custom AI Technology Is Quietly Changing The World

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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking shift is on the horizon. And it’s one that promises to redefine the boundaries of technology and creativity. 

This shift started about a month ago. And investors positioned in the right stocks could make fortunes from AI over the next 12 months. 

I’m talking about the shift to custom AI.

So far, the AI Boom has been defined by general artificial intelligence like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. That AI is quite good at answering a wide variety of broad questions at a high level. But it isn’t so good at doing very specific things. 

And that’s somewhat problematic because, while general AI is cool, custom AI is the key to unlocking true usefulness and productivity. 

I’m talking about highly customized AI models trained on specific data to do specific tasks exceedingly well. 

Picture an AI model trained on Nike’s marketing data to craft unique marketing content for the company’s new products. 

How about an AI model trained on Hollywood movies to craft unique movie scripts? Or even AI trained on the Kansas City Chiefs’ historical play outcomes to help inform future strategy? 

That is useful AI. 

It’s why we believe custom AI is the future of artificial intelligence. 

And that future just started a month ago. 

Custom AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Last month, OpenAI – the maker of ChatGPT – officially launched a new tool that allows anyone to make their own custom artificial intelligence.

Dubbed CustomGPTs, these AI models take ChatGPT’s core technology and apply it to a specific dataset provided by the user. The result? A custom AI model that can do a specific task very well. 

And now these CustomGPTs are booming – and already proving very useful. 

For example, there’s Grimoire, a custom model that allows you to code a website (or anything) with just a sentence. Essentially, this AI turns anyone who can type into a software engineer. 

There’s also ResearchGPT, an AI research assistant that connects ChatGPT to over 200 million research papers. It’s like the AI version of Google Scholar. 

There’s Logo Creator, a CustomGPT to help you design a business or event logo.

A logo created for Luke Lango’s Hypergrowth Investing using Logo Creator

And frankly, the list goes on and on. There are already hundreds of useful custom GPTs that are quietly changing the world. 

Clearly, CustomGPTs are already proving their value – and it has only been a month.

Just imagine how many custom models there will be in a year. Imagine how good they’ll be; how widely used they’ll be. Imagine how much time, effort, and resources they’ll save. 

The custom AI future is extremely promising. It has immense economic potential. 

And of course, we think the investment implications here are just as huge. 

The Final Word

We expect CustomGPTs will be heavily used in 2024. That means OpenAI’s core technology will become deeply embedded into the fabric of many organizations across America. And that means huge potential growth for OpenAI as a business. 

Unfortunately, we cannot directly invest in OpenAI right now. It isn’t a publicly traded company. 

But… I have discovered a “backdoor” way to invest in OpenAI and capitalize on the CustomGPT Boom of 2024. 

If you want in on the shift that will redefine the economy next year, this is your golden ticket. 

Find out the best way to invest.

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