3 Overlooked Industrial Stocks Set to Skyrocket in the Next Decade

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The world of U.S. industrial stocks is changing fast, with some parts that people often don’t pay much attention to now becoming great choices for investing. Companies that provide services to industries are getting better by using more technology. This was especially important when COVID-19 hit, as they needed to give out information quickly and deliver products faster. Because of these changes, these overlooked industrial stocks are worth considering.

However, there’s a challenge. The industry is struggling because the manufacturing part, which makes most of its money, is not doing as well as before. This might mean people are spending their money differently, or the industry itself is changing. But, things are looking up a bit because the problems with getting supplies are getting better.

On the other hand, the main industrial manufacturing sector is doing really well. Thanks to more orders from inside the country and from other countries, this growth shows how using digital technology helps make things run smoother and improves the quality of products.

Also, a big new trend is the return of manufacturing facilities back to the U.S. This is happening because of problems with global supply chains and support from the government. The move is making U.S. manufacturing better, especially for important and high-value products. Also, it’s creating more jobs and increasing the need for industrial spaces.

Investors should keep an eye on these changes in the industrial stocks area. With both challenges and chances for growth, this field is exciting for smart investing.

Now is a great time to think about investing in industrial stocks. Many of these companies are leaders in their field and are not slowing down. They are adapting well to changes in the market. If you’re a smart investor, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Graco (GGG)

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Graco (NYSE:GGG) is a clear leader in fluid technology and management. It has showcased resilience in a challenging market, with its year-to-date (YTD) return recording a notable 21% increase.

Despite a slight dip in revenue to $539.7 million, a decrease of about 1%, Graco’s financials reflect robust health. The company’s operating expenses rose modestly by 5% to $122.6 million. Yet, it managed a significant 15% boost in net income, reaching $133.1 million. This improvement highlights Graco’s efficient management and strategic focus.

The firm’s balance sheet further strengthens its appeal among overlooked industrial stocks. Graco’s total assets grew impressively to $2.67 billion, a 10% increase, while its liabilities significantly reduced by 25% to $486.4 million. This financial restructuring has enhanced its cash flow, with a remarkable 250% increase in net change in cash, showcasing Graco’s robust operational efficiency. Such figures make Graco an attractive option for investors considering industrial stocks to buy.

Additionally, the strategic executive changes, with David Thompson set to take the helm, signal a progressive outlook. Coupled with an 8.5% increase in its quarterly dividend reflecting a payout of 25.5 cents per share, Graco promises investors not only stability but also growth potential. These factors position Graco as a compelling choice in the realm of industrial stocks.

Badger Meter (BMI)

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Badger Meter (NYSE:BMI), a notable player in the industrial sector, has been turning heads with its impressive financial performance in 2023. The company’s YTD return stands at a robust 35%. This surge is backed by a significant revenue increase of 26% in September, hitting $186.2 million. Notably, its operating expense grew by 23%, totaling $41.3 million, reflecting strategic investments.

Net income soared by 45%, reaching $26 million, showcasing the company’s efficient operations and strong market demand. The net profit margin expanded to 14%, a testament to Badger Meter’s financial health. Furthermore, earnings per share witnessed a remarkable jump of 44%, indicating a solid return to shareholders.

On the balance sheet, Badger Meter’s assets increased by 20%, now standing at $689.8 million. Liabilities also grew by 30%, reaching $197.1 million. These figures highlight the company’s robust financial structure and strategic growth. Cash and short-term investments experienced a substantial increase of 42%, emphasizing the robustness of the company’s liquidity.

In terms of financial liquidity, the company demonstrated robust performance. Its net income and operational cash flow saw a substantial rise, with increments of 45% and 32%, respectively. Free cash flow, a crucial indicator of financial health, grew by 19%. These numbers demonstrate Badger Meter’s solid operational efficiency and effective capital allocation.

Overall, Badger Meter continues to shine in the overlooked industrial stocks category. Its strong quarterly earnings and solid financials make it a compelling case for investors seeking stability and growth. With a focus on innovation and a robust financial footing, Badger Meter is well-positioned for continued success in the dynamic industrial landscape. As such, it is tough to ignore it and hence finds its way onto this list of overlooked industrial stocks.

W.W. Grainger (GWW)

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In 2023, W.W. Grainger (NYSE:GWW), a prominent player in the industrial supply arena, has exhibited impressive growth. Its YTD returns are remarkable, reaching a substantial 45%.

Delving into Grainger’s latest financial reports, the third-quarter numbers reveal a substantial revenue upswing, climbing to $4.21 billion, marking a 7% increase from the previous year. This growth is coupled with a noteworthy 12% jump in net income, which now totals $476 million.

And, the company’s balance sheet paints a picture of financial robustness. Total assets have expanded by 13%, now standing at $8.14 billion. While liabilities have risen by a modest 3% to $4.76 billion, there’s a striking surge in cash and short-term investments, skyrocketing by 91% to reach $601 million.

Grainger’s earnings per share also mirror its robust financial performance, showing a 14% increase to $9.43. Further cementing its shareholder commitment, the company has declared a quarterly dividend of $1.86 per share. GWW stands tall as a Dividend King, having increased its dividends consistently for over five decades.

In a strategic executive decision, Cecelia Myers has been appointed as Vice President, Group Product Manager. This move is poised to enhance the company’s focus on technology and customer experience.

These collective developments underscore W.W. Grainger’s sturdy financial standing and strategic direction, solidifying its status as a key play among overlooked industrial stocks.

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