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This week in our Hypergrowth Investing podcast, we’re talking about my Big Three investing themes for the rest of the year (and beyond). You’ve probably heard me talk about each of these at one point or another. But I’m a big fan of repetition. The more we repeat things, the more command we hold over our narrative. And in this case, my narrative is that if you’re not invested in the Big Three, then you may as well not be investing at all.

Our first megatrend is derived from psilocybin. Yep, we’re talking about magic mushrooms – psychedelics. Favorable legislation has been setting the stage for psychedelics to do very well over the next couple of years. Importantly, magic mushrooms, molly, LSD, etc., have become somewhat destigmatized in popular culture and among general society.

For instance, two recent studies from Johns Hopkins looked into psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms.” They found that it can significantly help with smoking cessation and reducing alcohol dependence.

Another Hopkins study from 2020 examined those with life-threatening cancer diagnoses. It found that psilocybin can relieve anxiety and depression levels four times better than traditional antidepressants.

And indeed, that finding corroborates a previous NYU study. It found that psilocybin causes a “rapid and sustained” reduction in anxiety and depression levels in cancer patients.

That’s excellent news – and it’s exactly what we expected.

Now, some people wonder why I like psychedelics but don’t like pot stocks. I did like pot stocks once upon a time. But there’s one big differential between marijuana and psychedelics – the barrier to entry.

Point blank, psychedelics have a bigger moat than marijuana. With weed, anyone can grow it. Anyone can smoke/ingest it. And theoretically, anyone can start their own marijuana business. But the story is much different with psychedelics.

Why? Well, they’re not direct-to-consumer. Psychedelics are only available in medical settings as a therapeutic treatment. There’s a lot of steps that go behind this. For example, you have to go through multi-stage trials and get FDA approval, among other things.

What’s more, commoditization isn’t a concern with psychedelics. With pot, as it turns out, there’s not going to be a big brand name in the space. Or at least not one that takes off on a national, international scale, as we’ve seen with beer and liquor. People just don’t care enough about the different strains of weed or even where it came from. For the most part, people will buy whatever it is their connect is selling. And there are just too many different types of marijuana strains for any single one to ever become branded in a meaningful way.

In the psychedelics space, I see one company in particular becoming the “McDonald’s of Psychedelics.” That company is COMPASS Pathways (CMPS). To hear about the other two megatrends that make up my “Big Three,” check out our podcast now!

If they succeed — and we’re confident they can — CMPS stock could be Wall Street’s biggest winner of the 2020s.

To make money in these choppy markets, knowing about this psychedelics revolution and the tiny company leading it are vital. What’s even more vital? Knowing when to invest. Fortunately, I just put together a presentation about how to invest in a stock during its most critical “stage.” And you can watch it right now.

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